Dr. Shauna R. Brummet
Board Member


Currently serving as the President & CEO of BioHio Research Park, an Affiliate of The Ohio State University, Shauna Brummet, PhD has more than 25 years of technical and management experience at both executive and entrepreneurial levels. Dr. Brummet is a seasoned leader with broad experience in life science research and product development (United States Biochemical, Corp.), start-up (NineSigma, Inc., The Alpaca Registry, Inc., Austen BioInnovation Institute, and Fluence Therapeutics, Inc.) and global companies (Amersham Life Sciences Inc./Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.), deal flow assessment, technology-based economic development (Edison Biotechnology Center, Inc.), and open innovation (NineSigma, Inc.). Dr. Brummet is highly collaborative and connected to national, state, regional and local economic development organizations, early-stage investors, agbioscience, biotech, med-device, and consumer products companies. Multi-partner relationship nurturing, entrepreneur coaching and open innovation are key areas of her expertise.