Bioscience is a broad category that includes human and animal health. Safe and affordable food is an important part of human health. The food-animal industry produces high quality proteins that are part of a healthy diet. Diseases that affect these animals threaten the safety and quantity of this protein source. In particular, the loss of poultry meat and eggs can lead to poor nutrition and starvation since they are an essential food source in many developing countries. New vaccines and diagnostic reagents for food-animal diseases are being developed by LARAD, Inc., an AgBiosciences company.

LARAD is developing virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccines and diagnostics using molecular technology. The initial focus of the company will be on products for an immunosuppressive disease in poultry caused by the infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV). The market geography for IBDV-VLP vaccines and diagnostic reagents is international. The technology for IBDV-VLP vaccines was developed by Dr. Daral J. Jackwood at The Ohio State University. LARAD, Inc. was established in March 2013 and has licensed this IP from the University. It is using this VLP technology to improve vaccines and diagnostic reagents for poultry diseases and is applying it to other food-animal diseases.

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IBDV = infectious bursal disease virus; IPNV = infectious pancreatic necrosis virus; ARV = avian reovirus