Daral Jackwood Linda Michel animal disease IBDV poultry diagnostics

In addition to our VLP technology, LARAD offers a molecular diagnostic testing service for poultry.

Molecular Testing for Avian Viruses (IBDV and Avian Reovirus)

Schedule of Fees Effective January 1, 2016

Set Up Fee $20/batch
RT-PCR Testing (positive or negative result)
Fresh/Frozen tissue (US only) $40/sample
FTA Card $35/sample
Paraffin embedded tissue $100/sample

Nucleotide Sequencing VP1 or VP2 hypervariable sequence region
Positive RT-PCR samples $60/sample

Nucleotide Sequence Analysis
Amino acid alignment with known virus strains $25/batch
Phylogenic tree analysis with known virus strains $20/batch

For information on sample preparation and submission, please contact us at diagnostics@laradinc.com or 330-201-4485